International Road & Traffic Expo 2021

D-100 Days

Exhibit Category

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  • Road Construction and Maintenance
    Design : Design of roads, bridges and tunnels, structural analysis, BIM design, etc.
    Engineering : Engineering of roads, bridges and tunnels, special engineering methods, new technology and engineering, construction automation, process management, etc.
    Materials : Road pavement materials, rebar/cement/admixture and additives, repair materials, reinforcing materials, paint and painting, deicing materials, etc.
    Pavement : Concrete pavement, asphalt pavement, special asphalt concrete, sidewalk and road paver, permeable paver, insulation block, retaining wall block, etc.
    Equipment : Road pavement equipment, bridge construction equipment, tunnel excavation equipment, ground investigation vehicle, road lane painting equipment, snow removal equipment, measurement & survey equipment, material inspection and testing equipment, special vehicle, etc.
    Maintenance : Road pavement maintenance, bridge maintenance, road slide maintenance, drone-utilizing maintenance, etc.

  • Road Facilities and Traffic Signs
    Safety facilities : Car protection facilities, raised pavement markers, visual guidance facilities, skid resistant pavement, speed bump, lighting facilities, road reflector, variable message sign, etc.
    Safety equipment : Traffic camera, overspeed control equipment, fire apparatus, wheel load scale, emergency vehicle equipment, etc.
    Traffic lights : Car and pedestrian lights, vehicle detectors, traffic light control and system, etc.
    Traffic signs : Optic fiber and solar light signs, reflective materials and reflective sheets, variable information system, road mark signs, etc.
    Lighting and additional facilities : Street light, tunnel light, safety facility equipment and materials, soundproof facilities, ecological facilities and additional road facilities, including rest areas

  • ITS and eco-friendly
    Traffic management system : Real-time traffic control system, incident management system, heavy vehicle management system, bridge and tunnel management system, electronic toll collection and payment system, Hi-Pass terminals, etc.
    Traffic information system : Traffic information provision system and equipment, optimal route information system, navigation, big data system, etc.
    Public transportation system : Public transportation information system, public transportation management system, transportation card system and terminals, etc.
    Advanced road traffic system: Smart Highway, C-ITS, cooperative automated driving road system, autonomous driving vehicle and device, autonomous driving program, etc.
    Eco-friendly transportation : FCEV, EV, charging system, bicycle parking and management system, bicycle roads, etc.
    Simulator and others : Driving simulator, VR simulator, other advanced traffic facilities and equipment

  • Parking system
    Parking control : License plate recognition device, automated crossing gate, toll collection/payment device, etc.
    Parking guidance : Ultrasonic parking guidance control system, image-based guidance control system, etc.
    Parking management: Comprehensive parking lot management system, real-time parking management system, etc.

  • Research Institutions and Societies/Associations
    Research institutions and societies/associations: National research institutions, societies, associations, relevant institutions and organizations
    Others: Others including magazines and newspapers specialized at road traffic