International Road & Traffic Expo 2021

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Rules & Regulation

Step 01Agree to Terms and Conditions
Step 02Fill out Application Form
Step 03Confirmation of Participation Application
Article 1 (Definition)
  • 1.「Exhibitor」 means the individuals, companies, institutions or organizations submitting applications to participate in the exhibition.
  • 2.「 Exhibition」 means ‘International Road & Traffic EXPO 2019’
  • 3.「 Organizer」 means Korea Road Association and KINTEX Co.
Article 2 (Application and Agreement)
  • Those who wish to file an application shall fill out and submit the application form to the Organizer and it shall be deemed that application agreement is established with payment of 50% of the entry fee within 7 days since the submission. Yet, when there is no available site remaining at the exhibition site or when the entry items are found not suitable for the Exhibition, the Organizer may reject the application.
Article 3 (Location of Booths)
  • 1. The Organizer shall decide location of the Exhibitor booths, considering the application order, entry fee payment order and the nature of exhibition items.
  • 2. The Organizer may change the location of booths, allocated to the Exhibitor, when it is necessary for efficient operation of exhibition space, based on consideration of harmonious space layout, visitor efficiency and exhibition impact. In this case, the Organizer can change the location at its discretionary and the Exhibitor is not entitled to any claim for compensation.
Article 4 (Exhibition Site Management)
  • 1. The Exhibitor shall make the utmost efforts to properly manage its booth, by displaying the exhibition items listed in the application and having a staff at the booth.
  • 2. When the Exhibitor displays items, different from the ones listed on the application or displays items not suitable for the Exhibition, or when it makes direct sales without permission of the Organizer, the Organizer may demand immediate suspension, withdrawal or removal of the items. In this case, the entry fee shall not be returned and the Organizer may file a claim for damage.
  • 3. When necessary, the Organizer may prohibit certain individuals from entering the exhibition site.
  • 4. The Exhibitor shall not assign the entire or part of the exhibition area allocated to the Exhibitor to a 3rd party without written permission of the Organizer.
  • 5. The Exhibitor shall operate and manage the exhibition items, in a manner not to interrupt or cause damage to other exhibitors or visitors. When it cause damage to others, the Organizer may order suspension of the exhibition.
  • 6. The Organizer may order removal of exhibition item when it violates any intellectual property right.
  • 7. The Exhibitor shall keep exhibition site in its original status, not changing the site by painting or nailing on the floor, ceiling, pillars or wall of the sire and for any damage to the site, the Exhibitor shall compensate for the damage of the Organizer, including restoration to the original status.
Article 5 (Terms and Conditions of the Payment)
  • 1. The Exhibitor shall pay 50% of entry fee as Deposit within 7 days since the application submission and make full payment of the remaining fee no later than August 23, 2019.
  • 2. When the Exhibitor fails to pay the remaining fee by the designated deadline, the Organizer may cancel the participation agreement and in this case, the Exhibitor is not entitled to return of the prepaid entry fee.
Article 6 (Cancellation)
  • 1. When the Exhibitor refuses use of the entire or part of the exhibition booth, allocated to the Exhibitor or does not pay the entry fee within the deadline, the Organizer may cancel the participation agreement at its discretion and in this case, the prepaid entry fee shall not be returned. When the Exhibitor decides not to participate in the Exhibition without consent of the Organizer, the entry fee shall not returned.
  • 2. When the Exhibitor wishes to cancel the exhibition agreement, it shall notify the Organizer in writing no later than 60 days prior to the Exhibition. In this case the prepaid entry fee (Deposit) shall not be returned.
  • 3. The participation agreement can not be cancelled from 45 days prior to the Exhibition in principle and if the Exhibitor decides not to participate within this period, it shall still pay the full amount of entry fee (100%) to the Organizer.
Article 7 (Cancellation or Change of the Exhibition)
  • When the Exhibition is cancelled by the Organizer, the full amount of the prepaid entry fee shall be returned to the Exhibitor. Yet, when it is cancelled or the scale is reduced due to extraordinary circumstances not attributable to the Organizer, including force majeure, the entry fee shall not be returned. In this case, the Exhibitor is not entitled to a claim for compensation.
Article 8 (Display of Fixture and Exhibition Items)
  • The Exhibitor shall complete bringing in the displaying the exhibition items to the allocated exhibition site during the designated period.
Article 9 (Carrying out the Exhibition Items and Fixture)
  • 1. The Exhibitor shall not carry out the exhibition items before the Exhibition ends.
  • 2. The Exhibitor shall carry out all the exhibition items and fixture during the designated period and for any delay in carrying out such items, it shall pay all the costs and expenses incurred to the Organizer due to such delay.
Article 10 (Exhibition Site Security and Risk, and Insurance)
  • 1. The Organizer shall take necessary measures to ensure security for the Exhibitor and visitors.
  • 2. The Exhibitor shall take full responsibility for damage or burglary of the fixture and exhibition items within the site allocated to the Exhibitor during the Exhibition period and while carrying in, installing and dismantling the exhibition items.
  • 3. When the loss is incurred to the Organizer or others, due to fire, damage or other incidents caused by negligence or intentional acts of the Exhibitor, the Exhibitor shall be fully liable for the loss and the Exhibitor shall be also liable for insurance of the exhibition items and others.
Article 11 (Fire Prevention)
  • 1. All the fixture and materials in the exhibition site shall be processed for non-inflammability, pursuant to the fire safety act.
  • 2. The Organizer may request correction for fire prevention to the Exhibitor, when necessary.
Article 12 (Supplementary Regulation)
  • 1. The Organizer may establish supplementary regulation not specified in the Participation Regulation.
  • 2. The supplementary regulation shall be a part of the Participation Regulation and the Exhibitor shall abide by the regulation.
  • 3. The Exhibitor shall abide by the rules and regulations of KINTEX.
Article 13 (Dispute Resolution)
  • Any dispute arising from or in relation to the interpretation of the Participation Regulation between the Organizer and the Exhibitor or dispute related to rights and obligations of the two parties shall be resolved, following the arbitration or judgement by the Korean Commercial Arbitration Board and the parties shall not appeal to the court against the judgement.